Benefits of Vietnamese Massage

Massage has long been a popular activity in Vietnam. In centuries past, massage establishments were often considered shady business, and men often went there to get away from wives and commit adultery. Men were too ashamed to go inside a massage establishment, but times have changed. Today, you can get a massage by men, and enjoy the relaxing effect. There are many massage establishments in Vietnam that are suitable for men.

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The hotel is located in District 1, and the hotel’s massage room is on the second floor. Prices are similar to those at Dai Nam, and it has a sauna. The Vien Dong handjob massage and Vietnamese hot stone (HJ) massage follow the same procedure. You can choose a standard massage for 250-300 VND. In addition, you can choose to have your massage in the hotel’s sauna, for a fee of 500 VND.

Traditional Vietnamese massage techniques are highly effective at treating muscle and joint pain. The therapist uses a variety of different sequences of techniques while the client lies face-up or side-facing down. The technique relies on kneading, compression, and pulling to target a variety of points and tissues. As a result, this form of massage helps the body increase circulation and remove toxins. The massage can benefit both young and old, so make sure to get one at a local spa.

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